An exercise in TDD.

public class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { int sn = 123456782; int[] Digits; int AddedResult = 0; string s = sn.ToString(); string sa = s.Substring(s.Length – 1, 1); int checkDigit = Convert.ToInt32(sn.ToString().Substring(s.Length – 1, 1)); //get the last digit. if (IsValidLength(sn)) { sn = RemoveLastDigit(sn); Digits = ExtractEvenDigits(sn); Digits = DoubleDigits(Digits); AddedResult = […]

Skills Assessment Tests: A vital tool in finding talent

I never realized how much time I wasted phone screening candidates until I took a skills assessment test and realize it could have saved me and the candidate an hour of our lives. A good skills assessment test:   Takes less than 15 minutes Doesn’t contain easily google-able answers Reflects Real Life Problems you’ve encountered  […]