Food Week at The Motley Fool: Rocklands BBQ

If you live in NoVA (Northern Virginia), you’re on the fringe of birth of Barbeque.  It isn’t as if this is Lexington, NC or anything. That doesn’t stop the word barbeque from taking on a whole ‘nother meaning when discussed in polite company, generally with lots of napkins.  Words like, “whole hog“, “vinegar based” and “dry-rub” permeate the smoke filled atmosphere.  I have it on good authority that if you were to pit the barbeque peoples of Kansas City and North Carolina against each other, a new reality series would be born of their blood, sweat, and barbeque sauce.  This shit is that good.

BBQ sandwhich.

Rocklands is a BBQ venue that is renowned in these parts (to use the vernacular of our time).  Our awesome Office Ops team arranged for Rocklands to cater lunch for all of FoolHQ

On the menu:

Pulled Pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket. For our vegetarian friends, portebello mushroom sandwiches on a potato split roll.

Can you say, delicious? 

The sides are your traditional southern fare: Mac and Cheese, BBQ baked beans, coleslaw, traditional potato salad (we have traditions, duh), and if you’re low-carbin’ it, grilled seasoned vegatables.

Sadly, all that’s lacking is cavity-inducing Sweet tea.

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