To Tag or Categorize?

I have a hate-hate relationship with BlogEngine.NET.  As I mentioned so long ago, I want to replace it as the blog that runs this site; and as a programmer I’m reasonably qualified1 to do that. Part of replacing it is dealing with the categorizations that Blog Engine.NET does.  There are ‘tags’, and then there are ‘categories’. I’m not at all sure the reason to have two things that categorize content.  Why can’t it just infer what I write about by using a word cloud or something?  

So I’ve done what any cantankerous human would do when presented with two near identical choices: I chose neither of them.  The end result is that I have a few years worth of blog data that isn’t categorized at all.  Since this is a low-traffic blog, I don’t have that much of a problem with it right now; but I would like to have a way to categorize content.

Update: It appears that BlogEngine.NET has upgraded to 2.0. I’m going to download it and see how it goes. I’m still building my own lightsaber though.

1It’s really bad when I sic the snark on my own writings. By reasonably qualified, I mean that I’ll probably screw it up big time and hate myself when it’s done.

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