Announcing the Last Week in .NET Newsletter and Podcast

I like .NET. I love to practice writing, and I want news about .NET that condenses what has been released and what’s happened into something I can scan by flicking my thumb.

Because of those three facts, I’ve decided to start a weekly newsletter called Last Week in .NET. I called it that because was available as a domain and the pun was too great to pass up. You’re welcome.

Microsoft has gone from “Meh, updates to .NET only need to happen once a year, maybe” to “HERE’S YOUR UPDATES. DO YOU LIKE UPDATES BECAUSE I HAVE MORE OF THEM”, and while the frequency is a bit frightening to behold, it makes for good newsletter fodder. I scan the releases from the .NET ecosystem, analyze them, and hum a few bars about what’s happened so you don’t have to.

If that feels like something you’re cool with hitting your inbox, subscribe here.

Oh, yea. There’s also a podcast version because I heard podcasts are all the rage now, and the extra time it takes to produce a podcast is marginal once I’ve written the newsletter. So, subscribe that too — the podcast will also drop on Mondays, but because of the way podcasts work, the first one probably won’t show up on your favorite iOS or Android podcast app until Thursday or Friday of this week. After that, it’ll show up every Monday, unless I take the week off.

The first newsletter drops tomorrow, so subscribe now!

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