About Me

I’m George Stocker.

I’ve worked with lots of different kinds of teams and lots of different technologies with plenty of successes and failures. I use my experiences to help your business plan and execute technology initiatives that will make an impact on your bottom line.

I’ve been a software developer for almost 20 years now, and I started creating custom workflows and reports using VBA in the early 00s to using Perl to manage white-label compliance training software to
developing large-scale web-based software for a variety of industries, from AOL’s Daily Finance, to the Angular based Portfolio Management product from The Motley Fool,
to managing SQL Server Databases for the white-label community engagement software for non-profits, to writing firmware for the Jewelbot. Most recently I was responsible for building the software and team for ITPIE, a network management product that allows engineers to manage tens of thousands of network devices across a heterogeneous network. I run Hollow Wall Technology Services, LLC, a small business dedicated to helping businesses plan and execute their technology initiatives.

Let’s Talk about What You Want.

You want to delight your customers, and you see the end result you want. It could be increased revenues, fewer customers leaving your sales funnel, or you know technology can help, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. You’re in tech or a tech-adjacent field, and you may have dealt with software development before, but you’re the first to admit software development isn’t your business’s core competency.

I can help you turn your initiative into reality.  Contact me to for a free 30 minute consultation to get started.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi George,

    This is regarding ng-cordova (v0.1.24-alpha) and phonegap-push-plugin in an Ionic application. I have been trying to start off with small Push Notification Example but I am not getting the registration done for the mobile.

    Initialization is done without any issue and for the registration the execution is neither going in success nor in fail callbacks for the registration method.

    I was following the discussion on Github issue https://github.com/driftyco/ng-cordova/issues/963, but using the code mentioned in the concluding part of the discussion I am not able to get the Registration done.

    I have created a github repository (https://github.com/manishgdev/PushNotification-Ionic-ngCordova) containing the code. I would be really thankful to you, if you could help me out in pointing to the error or suggest if I am missing anything.
    The steps that I had done are there in README.md file

    Manish Singh

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