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The Realities of Microservices

Microservices will change the way you work; and this post will help you be ready for those changes.

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The Green Boxes of Burnout

I was doomscrolling through twitter when I noticed Github was trending. While checking out why it was trending I noticed this tweet: And, nothing against Eddie, but my entire being cringed at that image. It shows (on an otherwise entirely shades of green image) 5 days out 77 days as time where Eddie didn’t make … Continue reading “The Green Boxes of Burnout”

[Last Week in .NET #93] – Performance Enhancing Code

Webforms working on .NET Core, Microsoft drops non-competes, and several teams talk about performance improvements. Let’s get into it. A fan of WebForms (I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth) ported it to ASP.NET Core. It’s not public, but they’ve done it. 🤪 Message and State Versioning in .NET (Using @AkkaDotNet) if … Continue reading “[Last Week in .NET #93] – Performance Enhancing Code”

Go Left to Go Right

There’s an interesting phenomena I just learned the name for, even though I’ve experienced it dozens of times in my career (probably more), called “right-half-plane zero”. Basically, right-half-plane zero is the idea that in order to correct an issue, sometimes you’re required to go the opposite direction first. The author uses a bicycle turning right … Continue reading “Go Left to Go Right”


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