I’m George Stocker.

Let’s Talk about You.

You’re a Director of Delivery Solutions or a VP of Engineering. You have enterprise software teams with deadlines, and you’re not sure why the pace of software delivery seem slower than you’re expecting.

You’ve tried some things, like engaging with an agile coach, or hiring a “DevOps” developer (or team), and yet your pace of delivery hasn’t changed.

You want features delivered faster so you can get feedback faster and iterate faster. You’re running an ALM like JIRA, you run ‘productivity’ tools like Slack, and yet the pace of delivery hasn’t changed.  You’ve adopted ‘agile’ (probably Scrum), and still nothing has changed. You need software delivered faster but you’re not sure how to make it happen.

You’re near the end of your rope.

That’s where I come in.  We’ll assess where you are, and together we figure out where you want to be.  I’ll help you with an action plan, and I’ll show you how to improve your systems to — in the most extreme cases — double your team’s productivity.

I believe our software development tools should work the way we do. I believe this misalignment drags down a software team the same way barnacles on a ship do.

I believe we’re in the dark ages of software productivity. We’re surrounded by tools that claim to increase our productivity, yet we’re delivering software at the same rate we were 20 years ago and we’re even unhappier with our tools today than we were 20 years ago.  Executives wonder why their software teams aren’t delivering as fast as they need to, and software teams wonder if Executives ‘get it’.

Lying in the middle of this are the tools that claim to make it easier to build software. Tools that businesses spend thousands of dollars on per year to improve the productivity of developers making hundreds of thousands per year, and not much to show for it.

I believe we can do better.  I believe the tools we use to build our software should be optimized for teams to build software faster — doubling productivity in some cases. This isn’t a pipe dream — it’s possible right now.

I’ve been a software developer for 20 years, and worked in teams of all shapes and sizes.  I cut my teeth on Perl, a gloriously productive language that is still useful today. I moved to developing large-scale web-based software for a variety of industries, from AOL’s Daily Finance, to the Portfolio Management product from The Motley Fool,
to managing infrastructure and SQL Server Databases for the white-label community engagement software for non-profits, to writing firmware for Jewelbots. Most recently I was responsible for building the software and team for ITPIE, a network management product that allows engineers to manage tens of thousands of network devices across a heterogeneous network. Now, I’m focusing on my passion: helping software teams double their productivity. I’m not stopping until the software we use to build software reflects how we work and is optimized for delivering software quickly.

Interested in doubling your team’s productivity? Contact me for a free consultation to get started.