I’m George Stocker, and I believe we can build software that scales without losing what makes our teams amazing: the people behind the software.

Building Software is Hard, Scaling it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve seen a lot of software, and been on lots of teams of different shapes and sizes.  I’ve built software that’s scaled to handle millions of hits daily, and built software that has scaled to meet the mission critical operational demands business customers have.

I started out as a Forward observer in the US Army, learning how to operate under pressure and work as part of a team where hundreds of people depended on us thinking ahead of the enemy.  Then, as the need arose, I became a resource for injured and wounded soldiers that came back from overseas, helping them to get the information they needed to adequately return to civilian life; planning and running monthly townhall meetings for over 400 soldiers.

Back in Civilian life, I helped the Army scale its Force Management Software to meet the demands of its planning team; turning an application developed for local on-premise use to software that scaled over vast distances at a much lower bitrate than initially specified, without rewriting the software.

At the Motley Fool, I helped build out the replacement for AOL’s Daily Finance site, the #4 finance site on the internet, scaled for real-time stock quotes and millions of portfolio users.  

At Higher Logic, I streamlined and scaled performance for our B2B SaaS customers, ensuring they could engage with their members and keep their members happy.

I built the team and architected ITPIE, a distributed network management system centered around helping government clients scale their largest private networks.

This is what I do. I help you scale your software and your team.

Let’s chat about your scaling needs.