Food Week At The Fool: A boatload of Cereal

Just after I put in my vacation notice last week, I received the following email from our amazing Office Ops team: Wednesday, June 22: Cereal Extravaganza! Enjoy this morning of childhood. Head to the cafeteria to enjoy all your favorite cereals. We’ll have Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cherrios, Smacks, Special K, Reeses […]

Food Week at The Motley Fool: Rocklands BBQ

If you live in NoVA (Northern Virginia), you’re on the fringe of birth of Barbeque.  It isn’t as if this is Lexington, NC or anything. That doesn’t stop the word barbeque from taking on a whole ‘nother meaning when discussed in polite company, generally with lots of napkins.  Words like, “whole hog“, “vinegar based” and “dry-rub” […]