I need a webcam on the moon, and I need it yesterday

What do you do when a business people ask you for a webcam on the moon*?

You find out how to give them a webcam on the moon.

You Do Not say:

“It’s not Possible.”

“I can’t.”


“Can’t be done.”

Or any derivative of the above.

We are in a recession, and we’re entering a depression. If you follow the Austrian School of Economics (read: The school that predicted exactly how this recession/depression came to be, and when it would happen) then this is an incontrovertible fact.

You do not say ‘no’ when your company’s future, or more importantly your job, is on the line.

I realize that it’s not feasible to put a webcam on the moon. I get it. Business people are just as smart as we are, and they know that it’s not really possible to put a webcam on the moon.

That doesn’t stop you from finding out if that’s what they really need, and if it is a webcam on the moon, then do your damnedest to give it to them.

I am not advocating being a ‘Yes Man‘.

Yes Men do not have opinions, they don’t have concerns, and they don’t give better ways of putting that web-cam on the moon.

You do.

How do I get a web-Cam on the Moon?

Well, you don’t. Even if you’re very well funded, and you have your ducks in a row, chances are: you will fail. Does that mean you don’t try? No. If you’re a software developer, it’s not your decision whether or not the project goes forward.  It will go forward (and with sometimes disasterous results). Your purpose centers around whether you’ll bring up your concerns and possible solutions when the project falters.

Always have a solution, even if that solution is to ‘do nothing’.

*Credit for the ‘Web-cam on the moon’ goes to ShawnY at FlexAdmiral.

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