Windows 7 Install – Painless

I’ve got a few blog posts nearing various states of completion (that’s blogspeak for “not done yet”); and in the meantime I wanted to hand off a public service anouncement about Windows 7.

I’ve been running Windows XP since the Release Candidate in 2001. I’m not the first to claim this but it felt like Microsoft’s first ‘real’ operating system. It’s like they joined the rest of the world.

Today I installed Windows 7.  Since there is no upgrade path from XP to 7, I simply bought  a new harddrive, installed 7 on it; and keep my secondary drive with my XP Files; so that I can still get to them if anything happens.  I’ll slowly recreate my Subversion repositories and whatnot on this machine, as well as Visual Studio.

Installing Windows 7 was painless.

I’m still in shock.



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