30 Days of Blogging

. I first started blogging oh so long ago, it was witchcraft. You posted words on the internet, preferably in some sort of form, and people read them. Some people even took to the internet as a sort of public journal. My involvement in this matter continues to be disputed. And I categorically deny (much the same way a guilty politician would) any involvement in “Livejournal” or any of its derivatives. I have standards, you know.

But this post is not about my alleged trangressions against the internet body. 

I come today to celebrate thirty twenty-eight days of blogging.  Indeed, for the entire month of February, I blogged. They weren’t all winners (this isn’t Lake Wobegon), but they are there.

I was apprehensive about blogging for thirty days straight. It’s not as if I haven’t done this before (cf: Livejournal), I just haven’t done it before on anything more than naval-gazing. 

It turns out this fear was unfounded. Blogging and forcing my thoughts onto paper begat more thoughts. I have 10 or so topics that are written down, waiting for pen to be put to paper. 

I didn’t expect that.

It is one thing to blog for thirty days straight, it is wholly another to be enriched for doing so. It’s tempting to throw things up here and see what sticks, it’s far more difficult to prune each post to just the desired length and forcing it to yield just the right statement. 

I guess that’s for the next thirty days.

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