Login failed for user IIS AppPool

Every time something new comes out, I always wonder how the first person figures out how to get it to work.  All software has its dark corners, and when I encounter some weird behavior, usually someone has already figured out a way around it — often without ‘official’ help. 

I’ve been attempting to set up a local IIS 7.5 server with ASP.NET MVC.  I was running into an all too familiar snag:

Login failed for user ‘IIS APPPOOLDefaultAppPool

You can also receive this message with the custom appPool listed where ‘DefaultAppPool’ is.

The answer is to set up the App Pool to use the LocalSystem Identity instead of ApplicationPoolIdentity:

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> IIS Manager

  1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Adminstrative Tools -> IIS Manager
  2. Right Click on the site in the ‘Connections’ Pane.
  3. Highlight the site and click “Advanced Settings” on the “Actions Pane”
  4. Under Process Model … Identity, Change ApplicationPoolIdentity to LocalService

That should do it.

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