Welcome to the Fool

Welcome to the Fool, Fool!

That line greated me on my First Day at the Motley Fool.  I was nervous, excited, and still reeling from the grueling interview process. The Motley Fool takes hiring seriously, and soon I would find out why. The first stop upon arriving at FoolHQ was the conference room for orientation; with plenty of stuff to read:


We were given lots of Swag, including a bag that my fiance immediately confiscated:


After the orientation, we were let loose (to go meet our team, presumably — I was focused on the Game room, personally). Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by the following sight:



My Desk at the Motley Fool on the first day.

  • (2) 23″ ViewSonic VG2427wm monitors
  • 2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8GB RAM, 128 GB SSD
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard
  • Rubber Ducky, for when I need to talk to myself
  • Amazon Ninja from Stack Overflow DevDays DC
  • My most referenced books
  • My Programming Journal
  • Scrum boards litter the background

All in all, they fulfilled my expectations, in all but the chair, but even that would receive an upgrade later on, courtesy of Foolish benefits.


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