Taking a break from Distraction

I check twitter thirty or forty times a day. Numbers wise, I check twitter more than I interact with my family on a given day.  I check twitter more than I interact with coworkers.  I almost check it more than the lines of code I produce in a day. Facebook, LinkedIn? Same story.

I fear being disconnected, to not be ‘in the know’.  I told my wife once that I needed to be on twitter because “That’s just how things work in the software world. That’s where all the “Who’s who” hangout. ”

More numbers: I’ve checked social media enough over the past three years to ship at least one project, maybe more.

I’m an addict. I’m addicted to the now. To what people are saying.  I’m not addicted to the doing.

I want to be an addict to doing.

For the next ten weeks, no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn. Just my family, my Work, and my project.

Since this auto-posts to my twitter, I’ll keep that around; but I won’t be posting or reading twitter, Facebook, or checking Linked In.

I’ve deleted all the apps from my phone, shut down all notifications.

The only thing stopping me from finishing what I’ve started is me. No more excuses. No more social media.

I start now.

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