Favorite Websites, 2014 edition

Since I’ve given up twitter for the next ten weeks, I still need some way to keep up to date on news and technology.

Normally, I’d just check twitter. Anything I need is on there. Without it, I find myself having to remember to visit different websites.

For Tech News:


It doesn’t update with new topics as much as I’d like, and it has a terrible user interface for mobile, but otherwise it works.

For snail news:


It’s less inflammatory than FoxNews, and as long as I stay away from the opinion pages, I don’t feel the need to throw my computer.


The home for Brent Ozar Unlimited; a boutique SQL Server consulting firm. I’ve attended their SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting class in Chicago, and I worked with them when Jeremiah consulted with us on how to improve our SQL Server performance. They have daily blog posts about the world of SQL Server. It’s a must follow if you’re at all tangentially exposed to it in your daily work.


Brent Ozar’s personal blog. All of the above still applies, of course.


A GIF driven Database Learning site. I’ve submitted a few reactions, but I’ve learned a whole lot more from the ones there. It’s learning disguised as funny.


Scott Hanselman’s blog. He’s one of the premier technologists in the .NET World, and blogs daily about different tech related topics. Sometimes it’s .NET, sometimes it’s wearables.


Jamie Zawinksi’s blog. He’s one of the guys responsible for Mozilla. His blog is sometimes educational, but always funny.

Joey Devilla

The Accordion Guy. Equal parts Canadian, Funny, and Insightful.

Eric Lippert

Used to be part of the C# compiler team. Now works for Celerity. The only thing I know about them is that they hired Eric Lippert.

Miguel De Icaza

Xamarian founder; founder of Mono.

Jeff Atwood

The man behind the Coding Horror blog. Founder of Stack Overflow, Discourse, and one of the principal proponents behind Standard Common Markdown.

Stack Overflow

Probably the best place on the internet to find answers to programming problems. type site:stackoverflow.com before your programming question to make sure you’re only getting answers from Stack Overflow.

Of course, there are others; but these are the sites I check daily.

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