I’m presenting at Hug Super Forum 2014!

I’ll be presenting at Hug Super Forum 2014; going on today and tomorrow at the Marriott Gateway in beautiful* Crystal City, Virginia.

I’m presenting on the new Higher Logic Widget Builder. It’s a way for you to take your Connected Community content and place it on any non-Connected Community site. For the techies amoung you, it’s a native-JavaScript powered widget (the temptation to use JQuery was strong, but the potential issues with compatibility clashes kept it from being the way to go)

I’m excited to be able to talk about something that has been in private beta for the past few months, and has the propensity to take content from behind the walled garden and make it possible for others to enjoy it.

I’ll also be talking all things tech at the tech table during open house at 3pm. If you have questions about anything related to your connected community site (tech wise, and even not so tech wise), we’ll be on hand to help you out.

*It’s an urban beauty.

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