My Epic Life Quest Goals for 2015

Brent Ozar has an Epic Life Quest.  He’s on Level 5.

I’ve spent most of my professional career wandering aimlessly; working on whatever excited me, going from point A to point B, but never actually planning out my path. I’ve always been a “Yea,-that-sounds-good-and-go” sort of developer.

I’m not at a point where I can do that anymore.  I could coast if I wanted to — but I don’t. I want to double down and be the best I can be.

They say that up until 30, you make your habits; after 30, your habits make you.  I’m challenging that.

To that end, here are my Level 1 Goals:

  • Finally launch Stack Stats (seriously, I mean it this time)
  • Give a User Group Talk on SQL Server Disaster Recovery in AWS
  • Give a User Group Talk on ASP.NET vNext
  • Give 3+ Dev talks at work
  • Complete and Launch my first IoT project
  • Blog (at least) once a Week for 52 weeks
  • Get back down to 160 Lbs (179, currently) and stay there.

Challenge Accepted.

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