My Epic Life Quest Goals for 2015

Brent Ozar has an Epic Life Quest.  He’s on Level 5.
I’ve spent most of my professional career wandering aimlessly; working on whatever excited me, going from point A to point B, but never actually planning out my path. I’ve always been a “Yea,-that-sounds-good-and-go” sort of developer.
I’m not at a point where I can do that anymore.  I could coast if I wanted to — but I don’t. I want to double down and be the best I can be.
They say that up until 30, you make your habits; after 30, your habits make you.  I’m challenging that.
To that end, here are my Level 1 Goals:

  • Finally launch Stack Stats (seriously, I mean it this time)
  • Give a User Group Talk on SQL Server Disaster Recovery in AWS
  • Give a User Group Talk on ASP.NET vNext
  • Give 3+ Dev talks at work
  • Complete and Launch my first IoT project
  • Blog (at least) once a Week for 52 weeks
  • Get back down to 160 Lbs (179, currently) and stay there.

Challenge Accepted.

5 thoughts on “My Epic Life Quest Goals for 2015”

  1. Nice quest.
    I’m a User Group leader (in NH.. ) and I’ve spoken at a few. What do you need to do to make the speak on DR in AWS talk come to life? Want to bounce ideas off of someone or anything? You can find me.

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