Making the Leap

Today marks my last day at Higher Logic, and with it marks a year+ of working to build up the software infrastructure from startup to sustainable.
I’ve really enjoyed my time here; a year ago I had no knowledge of AWS, and a developer’s knowledge of SQL Server. I had only shipped one JavaScript project, and was still uncomfortable just going out and ‘doing’ on my own.
That year has also included:

  • Marking one year as a DBA; and 2 years as a Full Stack Developer.
  • migrating 500 databases from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014
  • Planning and implementing a Disaster Recovery solution for 500 databases;
  • Shipping Higher Logic’s Widgets platform
  • My first, second, and third pull requests into open source projects
  • writing fixes for Video.JS playlist plugin
  • digging deep on SQL Server improvements; query optimization and production troubleshooting
  • Making lots of mistakes along the way
  • Refactoring and putting in unit tests (I repeat myself) to allow improvements to infrastructural code including a hand-rolled ORM (not by me)
  • Giving several talks; including a talk at the HUG Super Forum on the new Widgets Platform and a talk to developers on Git
  • Building tools to provision SQL Server instances on AWS and to set up those instances according to the Brent Ozar SQL Server Setup Checklist
  • And even more mistakes and fixing of those mistakes; including two (brief) production outages

I’ve enjoyed my time in the .NET world; but I’m anxious to get back into other technologies, and to immerse myself in the JavaScript world.┬áTime to leave the kiddie pool.
As to what I’m doing next? I’ll give two hints:

  • See┬áthe title
  • My career progression has been: Large Corporate -> Defense Contracting -> Medium Sized Business -> Small business that just left startup mode -> ?

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