Five Reasons to be Excited About Jewelbots (even if you’re not a girl)

Early Concept Art of Jewelbots
Artist rendering of early Jewelbots prototype

Our Kickstarter launched yesterday. There’s been a lot of work to get to this point, but one question I keep hearing is a variation of “I’m not a girl, so why should I care about Jewelbots? Why should I back your product?”

That’s a great question, even if it’s really two questions.

Here are a few reasons why you should be excited about Jewelbots, even if you aren’t a girl.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.15.02 AM
It’s sooo tiny. The current Jewelbot board size — smaller than a quarter.

1. Jewelbots are open source.  You like open source, right? This is your chance to
fund a completely open source product.  From 3D designs for the charm, to the firmware, to the board; it’s all open. We believe part of our mission is to help educate; and part of education is having examples to work from. More over, we want to see all the interesting things that people can do and make with their Jewelbot;  products should encourage that behavior, not inhibit it.

2. Jewelbots have a lot of applications. The inner workings of the Jewelbot are essentially a newest-generation Bluetooth Low Energy device capable of sending and receiving messages to other BLE devices.  Pair this with another Jewelbot or with your phone and you have a tracker for your wayward dog, or an early warning  system, or even a phone finder.

a 3D Printed “Looks Like” Charm Prototype

3. You can 3D Print your own Charm. Growing up in the 80s and 90s  we had shows like The Power Rangers, The Legend of Zelda, and Thundercats.  Haven’t you always wanted to have your own Thundercats glowing emblem, or your own Power Morpher, or your own Ether Medallion? Well, I have.  Because we’re engineering Jewelbots to be printable; you don’t need to stick with the stock flower charm; you can customize it based on what you are interested in.

I’m pretty sure this is how Skynet started…

4. Jewelbots are more than a product, they’re a platform. Jewelbots are a mesh network of wearables that can communicate over distances with BLE;  This has lots of untapped potential. Why limit ourselves to wifi or cellular networks to send and receive messages?

5. Supporting Jewelbots supports a social Good. Jewelbots the company is committed to getting girls interested in STEM.  We’ve already run two hackathons geared towards exposing girls and children in general to STEM, and we want to run more.  By supporting Jewelbots, you’re supporting our mission to broaden technology’s appeal.

As a bonus, supporting Jewelbots also means supporting behavior from companies we all want to see more of. Help us make that happen.

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