Pre-order your Jewelbots Today!

Yesterday the Jewelbots team hung out at Maker Faire NYC and took part in a panel titled “It takes a Village”, a look at how we use each of our diverse skillsets to build Jewelbots (spoiler alert, the Jewelbots team is awesome).  During that panel, we also announced the opening of the Jewelbots store, where you can pre-order your Jewelbot (and buy multiples!).

If you backed our Kickstarter, this is a chance to grab more; and if you missed out on our Kickstarter, this is your best chance to be part of one of the first production runs of Jewelbots (like anything else in the manufacturing world, it’s first come, first serve; and manufacturing can be cruel if you wait too long).

Another bonus for you (and for us): if you pre-order is that it has the potential to make the lead time shorter. It makes sense when you think about it; a manufacturer that is getting paid for 20,000 orders is going to place that at a higher priority than 5,000 orders.

Anyway, I’ve talked long enough; if you haven’t already, visit our Jewelbots store, and pre-order your Jewelbots today.

And if you think that Jewelbots aren’t your Jam, I give you five reasons to be excited about Jewelbots (even if you aren’t a girl).

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