What are some Alternatives to Parse?

Back when I was figuring out which MBaaS to use to power Jewelbots app backend a few months ago, I chose Parse.  Luckily, I included an entire write-up on all the MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) providers I could find at the time.
Since listing the dead ones would be not useful, I’ll list only the ones that are “Alive”, plus new ones I’ve found.
I’m limiting my search to companies that provide a MBaaS and host it for you.

Provider Focus Cost/Month (startup) Status
AnyPresence Unclear Not Provided. Contact wall Alive
App42 Startup MBaaS + Managed Analytics $0-$99 Alive
Appcelerator Cloud MBaaS + App Platform SDK $39-$259 Alive
Apstrata Indie MBaaS <$800/month for Startup ($.08 per user) Alive
Buddy Enterprise MBaaS (unknown, they hide the service behind a “ContactWall”) Unknown (call for demo/pricing) Alive
Cloud Mine Enterprise MBaaS ContactWall (Call for pricing/demo) Alive
Feed Henry Enterprise MBaaS Unknown (ContactWall) Alive (Acquired by Redhat in Late 2014)
Firebase Startup MBaaS $0-$49 Alive
IKnode MBaaS $9/month Alive? – Last commit to their Repo June 2015.
Kii Enterprise MBaaS? (Unclear from their site) ContactWall – Call for Pricing/Demo Alive
Kinto Startup/Open Source MBaaS Free Alive
Kinvey Enterprise MBaaS $2000/month (Free for Startups) Alive
Kumulos Startup MBaaS $10/month based on “fair usage” (not defined) Alive
Windows Azure Mobile MBaaS Totally confusing Alive

Since we were always just using Parse for development, we’ll be moving our infrastructure to AWS; and will likely at least document (if not open source it) when it’s done.

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  1. HI, george I am also working in software company in india but its a startup I figured a lot of struggle to work in different technologies becoz its start up . But I know when we love the job there is no struggle , worries and etc.., BUt i dont know how to love the job ?., I am frustrated some times also crying some times , please bear with my english.

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