Agile can’t save us

There are two types of people, those that have read and believe Fred Brooks admonishment of ‘no silver bullet’, and those that believe that an “Agile Transformation” will improve productivity in their company.

So we shouldn’t try, right? Just cast Agile aside and do what we’re doing now.

Maybe. Yea.

“agile” is a state of being, not a process. It is a feeling that drives development and delivery. In teams I would consider agile, none of them operated exactly like the others; and some actions that would improve agility in one team would harm it in another. Some companies are able to mimic that feeling by embracing agile principles, and others aren’t. The important part isn’t the specific methodology that others say will help you achieve max productivity for your team, it’s the process that aligns with your culture and your software and your customer.

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