Where does your Organization fall?

I follow John Cutler on Twitter, and if you are into Product Management and developing a “Product Culture”, he’s worth your time to follow.

A “product culture” is one of those new-fangled movements that seeks to replicate the success of good product teams for everyone — even enterprises that may not develop products. Product Culture is the idea that a team, with all of the dependencies, authority, responsibility for outcomes, decision making, and execution contained within a single team, is able to deliver a far superior product or service than a team who does not have all of those components within the team.

You can imagine it this way: If you have to ask someone who is not a part of your team for something, then you don’t yet have a product culture. We’ll leave whether this is possible or desirable for another segment, but to give you an idea of what this visually looks like, John shared an image on his twitter account that captures this idea neatly:

Where does your organization fall? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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