In Memoriam of K. Scott Allen

I only knew K. Scott Allen in a professional context; as a teacher and developer that loved to dive deep in .NET and teach others what he knew.  He was a wonderful teacher, speaker, and a joy to be around.  He passed away last Friday.​

I met K. Scott Allen at the 2009 Stack Overflow DevDays. He was showing off some features in ASP.NET MVC (this was way back in the 1.0 days), and as invariably happens during a presentation, he hit an exception.  So naturally, I tweeted to him:

Going through 404-based development with @odetocode MVC talk at #devdays. develop untill you get rid of 404. 

And thus started a twitter friendship that has lasted. He went on from that presentation to become one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Pluralsight author, and share his love of programming with hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions). He was the cohost of the Herding Code podcast, and maintained a blog at

His grace, charm, and the devotion he had to helping others will not be forgotten.  I shall miss him greatly.

16 thoughts on “In Memoriam of K. Scott Allen”

  1. Really sad news. He was a great teacher for me and for many others. And I’m sure that his teachings will remain making this world a better place for many years to come. RIP.

  2. Sad news. RIP Scott. Scott’s plural sight courses are really a great asset to all dev’s and he had a great skill in explaining concepts.

  3. Very sad news. I’ve just done a pluralsight course of his, very clear and easy to follow, very informational. I put a comment on the course a few days, and he responded, as he did to allow the other comments, very timely, helpful, generous.

  4. I came across Scott’s videos on Pluralsight and it changed my life for ever. I am sure like me millions have learnt from this great teacher and humble person… we are going to miss you very much Scott. My heartfelt condolences to family of Scott. …………….you did very well generous one, RIP Scott!

  5. He was my son. I appreciate all of your praise. I am suffering from losing him, this beloved K. Scott Allen.

  6. I’ve just realized that, oh I’m really sad hearing that. It’s unbelievable to me. Rest in peace Scott.

  7. He was my friend and collegue of 20 years. He often talked about you, SJ, his childhood in hagerstown, potten. Scott was a special person and i miss him. Id like to connect with you..

  8. Just found out, shocked, saddened and truly heart broken. Although never met him but I loved his teaching style and spent countless hours listening to his C# courses. Rest in Peace Mr. Allen, you were such a fantastic guy, gone too soon:(

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