Intro to Hexagonal Architecture (video)

I’ve been setting up my home office to shoot the videos for my forthcoming course: Test Driven Development for .NET Project Teams. Besides writing scripts and assembling materials, I decided to shoot a short video to see the state of the set-up. Instead of something that couldn’t be useful to you (like me randomly talking for 15 minutes) I put together an intro to Hexagonal architecture (aka ports and adapters), which is a necessary component to ensuring you can build an application through Test Driven Development.

You can watch the video here: (At some point I might publish that link; but right now it’s a bit of a screen test, and may be re-shot later).

I would love your feedback on this, from small things like video aspect ratio, to the bigger things (like a concept was explained unclearly), and what you liked as well (and why!). Leave a comment below. I read every piece of feedback.

end note: This video was stream of consciousness (the slides were added after the fact to smooth out some of the rougher parts), so keep that in mind.

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