The Build Better Software Podcast

If you’ve been a member of my mailing list for a while (that are later republished to this blog), you’ll notice a pattern that the emails are mostly short missives on viewpoints, strategies, or techniques to help teams double their productivity.

They aren’t in depth, and they aren’t meant to be — the ‘how’ is elsewhere, because email is the wrong medium for that.

While I’m putting together the TDD course (Which gets into the tactical ‘how’ behind TDD), I’m finding myself wanting to refer to strategies and techniques that I haven’t fully explained; and that I can’t do justice to in an email. I also want to give voices to these lesser known techniques and strategies, to help software leaders enable their teams to build better software.

To that end, I started a podcast focused on topics that software leaders would find important but may not know about. Because naming is hard, I called it the “Build Better Software” podcast, and you can find it at

It’ll be a mostly weekly show (I am vacationing here in a few weeks, so chances are I’ll miss a week or two) where I either interview an expert in a given practice and we dive deep into how that practice can help software leaders (or not!) and contextualize these things we call ‘best practices’ into a digestible form and dive into them. Are they really best practices? Do they fit your usecase, team, context, business, and ability?

I hope to answer those questions in this podcast.

The first episode is on Wardley Mapping; a technique that can help you and your team contextualize your work; which is critically important in producing the right software, and the right time, for the right user.

If you have any topics you’d like explored, let me know in the comments. I’d love to explore them and share the outcome with you.

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