Last Week in .NET – Week ending 05 September 2020; .NET gets Half, a new Data Type.

.NET Framework September 3, 2020 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 (2004) and Windows Server (2004) is now available:

WPF now will not consider ‘etc.’ and ‘e.g.’ misspellings in the WPF Textbox or the RichTextBox, so they’ve finally entered the 20th century. Congrats?

Also they fixed a bug with cleaning up something or some other with the CLR. I’m gonna copy/paste this because it’s word salad to me, but if you have to deal with this on a day-to-day basis, it looks like they fixed ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is):

– Addresses an issue with a crash on COM interop to properly return the hresult for the Out of Memory Exception
– Addresses an issue in some 32 bit apps where, in certain scenarios, the JIT might omit a function call
– Improved support for cleaning up private temporary certificate keys

Some more editor goodies in Visual Studio 2019 Preview:

You can have Preview installed side-by-side, and preview is the only way you can see the .NET 5 goodies. Here are some of the editor goodness they’ve added in Preview:

TypeScript 4.0 is now Generally available:

App Trimming is going to be in .NET 5. and you can customize it:

I have no idea what this does from a practical perspective; it sounds like it removes unused members, functions, methods, etc, which should lower the executable size. Great for people who deploy to user’s desktops and Microservices; but not sure in the normal ‘we deploy to our server’ instance this would be useful. Shout out if I’m wrong and let me know why.

You now have template parity between the dotnet new command and the Visual Studio project templates

As of Visual Studio 16.8 Preview 2, you can now toggle in the settings to see all the templates you’d see from the command line. I like this, but I’m probably the only one that thinks this should be the default, and not the other way around.

.NET is faster on ARM64 now

The .NET team has been working hard to improve performance for ARM64 for .NET, and I’m glad. I don’t think Intel is long for this brave new world.

This blog post rivals most Steve Yegge blog posts; but if reading nitty gritty implementation details about the ARM platform juices you, give this blog post a read.

AOP using Proxies in .NET Core

This doesn’t get enough press, and AOP doesn’t get enough love, but check this out:

NDC Minneosota starts online tomorrow

Yea, I missed this; but if you’ve got money to burn, NDC is a great place to burn it. Or you can wait 6 months for the videos to be on Youtube.

.NET Now supports the Half Datatype

I really thought this was a joke. But reading it, it isn’t. There’s the need for a Half data type, apparently?

And that’s it for what happened last week in .NET . Today is a holiday so I won’t be releasing the audio form of this newsletter.

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