Quick Fixes

How many times — when you’ve encountered a metaphorical system on fire– decided you’d implement a temporary ‘quick fix’ that you’ll come back to later?

How many times have you come back to it?

Quick fixes should really be called: “Stuff we’ll never come back to and we’ll grimace whenever we talk about”.

There are two ways to not have quick fixes:

– Perfect foreknowledge of the system you’re trying to build and how it will be used


– Incremental and flexible design that you’re confident you can change

Guess which one is attainable?

On March 5th, 2021, I’m hosting a webinar titled “Introduction to Test Driven Development for .NET” which I probably should have titled How can TDD help my team build better systems? Naming is hard. Be that as it may, this webinar goes into the strategic benefits of TDD, and when it is (and isn’t) useful to adopt, all with real world examples from .NET.

Sign up here, and I look forward to seeing you on March 5th, 2021!

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