How many Browser tabs do you have open?

Right now I have only one browser window open, but I have 21 tabs open (including the one where I’m writing this).

I couldn’t tell you what’s in those 20 other tabs right now if I tried; and they’re all recent tabs.

If we can have 21 tabs open but can’t remember what’s open in each, why do we expect our codebase to be any different?

That’s one of those little annoyances that Microservices can solve. You’re able to work on a problem and only have to worry about one tab; not twenty-one.

If you’re just spreading the information in one tab across 21, it’s not going to solve anything. The goal is to make each microservice self-contained with what you need, so you never have to switch contexts to get work done.

Isn’t that worth it?

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