[Last Week in .NET #59] – Min/Max Life Changes

Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks; the effects of which changed the lives of billions of people. In a “very significant to me” moment but “incredibly insignificant to the world” view, I would never have met my wife or have the life and kids I have today if it weren’t for September 11th. A terrible event and aftermath that shaped reality as we know it. But this is not reminisce with George Stocker, it’s Last Week in .NET, so let’s get to it.

πŸ‘€Minimal APIs at a glance in .NET 6 Scott Hanselman digs into what minimal APIs are and how they work. ‘Minimally’ is apparently the right answer.

🍧David Fowler tweets a thread explaining the coolness behind Minimal APIs, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is why I’m on twitter. This sort of thing would have been too minor to make a whole blog post out of, but is perfect for twitter.

🎩Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cobra Command, and other tech companies are in a ‘frenzy’ to help ICE build its own data-mining tool for targeting unauthorized workers “Don’t be Evil” has a second part that isn’t usually vocalized: “unless we can make money being evil.”

🐈Matrix Resurrections: Official Trailer #1 is out 1999 called, and the Low rise jeans are coming back as well. This trailer made me very happy, and I hope the 4th iteration of the Matrix captures the magic the first one held.

βž–An Opinionated Look at Minimal API in .NET 6 a look at one of the possible ways to put minimal APIs into action. This is a first blush attempt, and while it may not be the solution, it at least gets us asking the right questions.

πŸ’©Github (2008) Merges ‘useless garbage’ says Linux Torvalds as new NTFS (1993) support added to Linux (1991) kernel 5.15 The creator of Git(2005) says that Github creates useless merges, while conversing on a listserve (1986) and accepting merge requests through Email (1971) .patch files. Does Linux surf the World Wide Web (1991)? I have to wonder.

As promised last week, this week was a light week. I’ll see you all next week.

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