[Last Week in .NET #70] – It’s *only* Five Bad Things

.NET Has been forked, .NET Framework 1.1 does run on Windows 11, and Microsoft’s Board of Directors supports Bad Things, apparently.

🍴open-dot.net, a fork of .NET, has been created by Geoff Huntley This is one of those meme moments where someone following the directions on the tin and yet it’s as if they’ve adopted tinfoil as their chief clothing accessory. .NET is open source, open source projects can and should be forked when you want to change governance models, ergo .NET can be forked. My unease here extends across many levels, not the least of which is financial: Microsoft has a budget of probably around $25 million for the .NET team (including overhead that’s probably low, don’t @ me) per year and .NET is… well.. free. So we know off the bat that “new” development won’t happen in this fork; likely only tooling affordances and changes, but second to that is the extreme culture shock to the .NET community about anything open source. Oh sure, we like open source, as long as we don’t have to pay for it, or hear from it, or it does exactly what we want, and Microsoft hasn’t yet tried to compete it out of existence. So this something to watch, certainly, but I’m not so sure the cart and horse are in the right orientation yet.

🛣19 lines of code for a ‘functioning’ ASP.NET Web App with OIDC Auth and GraphAPI support in .NET 6 Cool, no doubt; but we still haven’t learned that fundamental problem with trying to make everything concise: The road from ‘this is a beginner app’ to “now let this scale to an entire enginerring team” is bumpy as hell and no one talks about the problems this format will cause those teams. Do we have too much ceremony? Yes. Does eschewing all structure to somehow win the hearts and minds of the node.js crowd make sense? No.

🍫Real World .NET 4.8 migration to .NET 6 performance regarding Garbage collection As always your mileage will vary because no two apps are designed the same way. It won’t vary enough that I’d say “don’t pursue .NET 6”, but it will vary enough that you may not see the whopping 3x reduction in pause times.

🔥Because some people like to watch the world burn, @vcsjones got .NET Framework 1.1 working in Windows 11 It was a holiday week afterall, and apparently this is ‘fun’.

🏓The Changelog gives a nice visual as to what ‘iteration’ and ‘agile’ and ‘MVP means. It’s a neat 2 minute video; and although not explicitly stated, the table gap moving is a nice metaphor for the goal-post moving that managers inevitably do in our own projects.

🕶.NET Virtual Conference 2022 is looking for speakers This is your chance to give that talk you’ve always wanted to give on why we’re bags of meat water rotating around a nuclear explosion towards our eventual doom. Or maybe on .NET?

😲Microsoft supports pay gaps, hiding reports of sexual harassment, selling facial recognition technology to government entities, racial discrimination, and is against transparancy for their lobbying activities. The board recommends voting against 5 resolutions that at least on their face seem like good resolutions to support. If you’ve heard it from me once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but I’ll make this number 1001: Capitalist institutions are amoral. If it increases their bottom line, they’re for it. It’s how they’re structured. They may be bad people but they’re creating shareholder value. And in a capitalist society, that is the goal. It’s really almost not fair to pick on Microsoft for this, except they’re a 2.5 Trillion dollar company and they are filled with leaders who by all rights should be better moral agents than they are.

🐛💰The .NET Bug Bounty Program now covers Preview Features which apparently took some doing. It never made sense to me not to reward someone for finding a bug before you release a “GA” version. You would rather have that Zero-day be an actual zero-day? OK.

🙊 There’s a whole lot of words I don’t understand here but Expanding Azure Confidential Computing with new AMD-based confidential VMs Shhhhh. I guess?

🏗Have you heard of CliWrap? It’s a library allows you to safely execute a .NET console program with redirected I/O and handle its signals This has always been a frustrating part of building Microservices in .NET; but now I’m going to slap CliWrap on and give it a try.

🥩What’s new in C# 10: Easier Lambda Expressions Action and Func always felt weird compared to JavaScript’s approach to delegates, and it’s nice to see this improvement.

☁In that vein, have some lambda optimization tips (kinda). This is the intersection of performance and lambda geekery. Enjoy.

🍰Because they don’t eat Pumpkin Pie, the Cake folks released Version 2.0.0-rc0002 of Cake. I’m a little frightened there are that many leading zeros in rc2.

⌚Appropos of the meat bag filled with water rotating around a nuclear explosion, Jason Resnick posted a tweet with the quote, “Time isnt’ change, you aren’t going to find it in the couch. You have to prioritize it.”

And on that note, that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET. Thank you and I’ll see you again, next week.

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