[Last Week in .NET #76] – Live Async Collaboration

πŸ“–If you use Windows App SDK (WinAppSDK), there are a lot of samples for you to refer to. Complete source code has always had a leg up over blog posts that omit putting the pieces together.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈWhat’s new in .NET Productivity with Visual Studio 2022 One of the nicest parts is the integration with ‘Source Link’ when you click “Go to Definition”. Previously at best you got an object browser, and now you get to go to actual source code. Other improvements include adding more refactorings so they can catch up to ReSharper. It’s good for all of us, and it was bound to happen.

🚨Emergency Windows Server update Fixes Remote Desktop issues If you use RDP, update it. This update is not available via Windows Update and won’t install automatically, so make sure you add it as part of your WSUS updates.

β™»System.Text.RegularExpressions.Capture has a ValueSpan property So if allocations matter to you, you can now reduce yet another allocation by using ValueSpan.

πŸ“›Windows.Devices.Wifi has been renamed to System.Device.Wifi This really only matters for the nanoFramework folks.

❓The @TechEmails twitter account releases old emails from BillG, one that says “I’m literally losing sleep over Java”. This is a fun bit of nostalgia and “what if” to explore.

πŸ’¬Integrated Chat in Live Share for Visual Studio 2022 For when a low bandwidth asynchronous approach to collaboration is what you want when you’re working ‘live’ with someone else.

πŸ”²As a Breaking Change, the Azure CLI v2.32.0 will no longer assign a default contributor role, so make sure to assign one

🌦Azure Support shows you how to create a private Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster and holy hell this is not easy to follow.

πŸ‘€The Azure AD SSO brute force Vulnerability that produces no sign in logs still appears to be working with seamless sso turned on. Um. This is bad.

🧱Streamline configuring Azure CLI with az init This is new to me and everyone else but it feels like it should have shipped with 1.0. Regardless, here it is.

🍾Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 11 If you’re interested in Microsoft’s offering for multiple platform UIs, check out preview 11. If you need something in production now and well supported now, check out Uno Platform instead.

πŸ§“Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story This started from a joke tweet about Windows being based on VMS.

🏫Microsoft’s OSPO year in review — what we’ve learned The OSPO drives Microsoft’s adoption of open source practices in their own work. It does not mean, however, teaching Microsoft how to strategically improve their standing in the open source community. Sort of like teaching butchers about PETA.

πŸ›‘unprivileged containers with the same privileges as privileged containers. This is also not good.

πŸ›‘Configure and validate Microsoft Defender Antivirus network connections How to set up Windows Defender in an internal environment… securely. Tangentially, there’s a performance analyzer for Windows Defender that SwiftOnSecurity says every customer that uses Defender should run

🍽The .NET Foundation would like you to volunteer for one of its committees. And yet we’re still waiting on the Board of Directors to follow up to the issues brought up Last October.

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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