[Last Week in .NET #78] – Platform Exclusives are the new black

We’re on the precipice of another geo-political conflict that can easily plunge the world into war, Microsoft gobbles up yet another mammoth game studio, and Omicron has the entire US as “High community Transmission.”.

Let’s get to it.

πŸ•Ή Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone across every device. Ok, first things first: The headline feels like PR B.S. That’s already possible and no acquisition would be necessary to continue that theme. Microsoft is purchasing Blizzard for their IP. Whether or not they’ll follow through as they did with Bethesda and make some titles XBox only is anyone’s guess (but probable). This is one of those situations where there’s all upside for Microsoft and not a lot of upside for anyone else. Microsoft has had game studios in the past; and they generally don’t fare well long term. If I were a betting man, I’d say in 10 years Activision will get spun back off into its own company.

πŸ”«Microsoft says ‘destructive malware’ being used against Ukrainian organizations It couldn’t possibly be Russia, the country that would benefit most from Ukraine being de-stabilized. Couldn’t possibly be them.

πŸ‘ͺMarkus Deserno dives into why velocity addition is wildly counterintuitive (relativity theory comes into play). These bits of learning joy are why I go back to twitter.

πŸ“žThe WinUI Community Call: January 19, 2022 happened and it seems to be a high-bandwidth way to catch up on the latest with the development of WinUI (If that sort of thing interests you).

🍌NUnit gets a bunch of updates but the accompanying link to that tweet just goes to the nunit homepage, so we’ll have to take their description of it at their word. To wit: “Project Update: NUnit β€Ό Updates to NUnit Console & Engine 3.13, NUnit Adapter 4.10.0 & 4.2.0 and NUnit Analyzers 3.2 & 2.2. “

πŸ”›The Visual Studio team has been making improvements to Quick Find and Find in Files Performance, and you can turn the feature on in 17.1 Preview 3.

It was a light week, but full of real world turmoil. I guess it’s a small favor more wasn’t happening in the world of .NET.

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