[Last Week in .NET #82] – YAML Space Shuttles and Beanie Babies

Lots going on this week, New .NET 7 Preview, a Space shuttle story, and nerd sniping. I’m hungry already.

Github action to publish .NET packages to NuGet. Good news: Using Github to publish NuGet packages. Bad news: Using YAML to publish NuGet packages. When will we as a society recognize YAML for what it is like we have the Pet Rock, Beanie Babies, and NFTs? šŸ£

Cache Associativity can be surprising with an example in .NET. Cache Associativity. In the world of .NET, how often do you have to think about CPU cache and the internals of the hardware? Almost never, right? That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. šŸ“š

Making Every Game More Accessible with .NET & AI it has PostgreSQL in the diagram and not SQL Server, so you know it’s not from MSFT proper. šŸ™Œ

In keeping with the vibe, Microsoft is adding Rate Limit APIs to .NET 7 Preview 1 which of course already exist in third party libraries and such don’t pass the “Invented here” test. šŸ™Š

.NET 7 will allow Native AOT compilation and there’s some bouncing around as to what this actually means, given that .NET 6 supposedly already supports this? Marketing is hard. Here are some tealeaves to read. ā˜•

Should you use IEnumerable<T> or IReadOnlyCollection<T> or IReadOnlyList<T> in your method parameters? This of course matters to the people it matters to, and then you have someone like JaredPar who is going to ruin your day sooner or later by telling you that you should just catch all Exceptions. šŸ¤Æ

NuGet introduced Compatible Packages which effectively is a new UI for determining what flavor of .NET a package is compatible with. šŸ§„

Why do terminal windows have 80 columns. In the same vein as a horses ass Space Shuttle story, and good. šŸš€

Melting Face, Saluting Face, and other Emojis from Emoji 14.0 (yup, that’s the name) are now available to windows insiders šŸ˜

Damian Edwards takes you through what Minimal APIs could look like. Thank God it’s not yet driven by AI. Although that day is coming. šŸ…°ā„¹

Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 1 While they still reference the ‘core’ moniker, it seems like that’s going away in Marketing speak, meaning when the corporate .NET Framework folks exit their cubicles and expect to upgrade from EF6 to EF7, they’re going to be disappointed. At the rate that big institutions upgrade, we should the effects of this in about 5 years. šŸŽ‰

And because we’re back at the ol’ “Release it all at once” mentality, Announcing .NET 7 Preview 1. We did this approach with .NET Framework, and it didn’t turn out well… Pinning everyone to the same release sounds fun in theory until you have 10 teams all working on different parts of .NET and your org chart starts pulling guns on itself.

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