Asking What we Value

Yesterday’s email about ”What if we paid for Bugs” sparked a lot of questions, comments, and feedback. I’ll post some of it in a future email, but for now I want to hone in on the assumptions and questions behind the question.

If I could sum it up, it would be: ”What do we value in the software we build or use?”

If we value ease-of-use, or stability we tended to have a different reaction to that post than if we were on the build side, where stereotypically there’s an undercurrent of “our software would be perfect if not for those pesky users.”

So for today, i want to ask you: what do you value most out of software you build? software you use? If that causes a difference to what you value, why does it?

Hit reply and share your answers with me, this is a fascinating aspect of our work that I’d love to have your perspective on.

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