[Last Week in .NET #93] – Performance Enhancing Code

Webforms working on .NET Core, Microsoft drops non-competes, and several teams talk about performance improvements. Let’s get into it.

A fan of WebForms (I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth) ported it to ASP.NET Core. It’s not public, but they’ve done it. 🤪

Message and State Versioning in .NET (Using @AkkaDotNet) if you build event-driven applications, you need to worry about contract versioning. The contract here is layout of your messages. I haven’t used Akka, but I’m glad they can help with that. 📚

.NET 6 supports HTTP/3 and .NET 7 will expose QUIC as a first class API I feel like the old man yelling at the cloud when it comes to these HTTP versions. 🌩

.NET MAUI is now ported to .NET 7 The big news here is that they’re no longer on MSBuild, they’re now on dotnet build. 🌴

Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI This is an incredible deepdive into well.. performance improvements made in MAUI. This is one of those blog posts that no matter your background with .NET, you’re going to learn something. 🏃‍♀️

Microsoft to curb use of non-competes, drop NDAs from worker settlements, disclose salary ranges, launch civil rights audit writes Geekwire. These are all wonderful additions, now if they could only take out the tattle-tale ware from their office products. 👏

Exchange Online Journey to .NET Core How the Exchange team ported their .NET Code to .NET Core. Across the board everything got faster, and that tracks with every single story I’ve read about .NET Core. If you move to Core, code will execute more quickly. ⏩

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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