[Last Week in .NET #95] – Azure Honey is Free

We’re coming out of the summer haze slowly but surely, with the impending doom of school and the wonder of Autumn coming towards us here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Something that is near and dear to my heart (as I am currently working on refactoring code to pull out the exceptions as flow control and replace it with something that is a bit… saner is this talk on doing just that in ASP.NET 6. Don’t let the 6 part fool you, these are good examples whose pattern fits older .NET applications as well — but you don’t get a conference talk accepted if you talk about removing Exceptions as Flow Control in .NET Framework 4.8. 🚿

Microsoft has a rationale for disabling 3rd Party UEFI certificates by default and that rationale is indistinguishable from “we don’t want competition.” Don’t get pissy on me, there are lots of other explanations, but even simpler is that Microsoft doesn’t really see the independent PC market as a customer, and their solutions therefore ignore the independent PC market. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

A New Linux Downtime podcast has dropped and this one talks about the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and spends some time saying “Microsoft has changed.” I’ll listen to the episode before I cast judgment, but see my above statement about ‘independent market’.πŸ‘›

Matt Warren has a talk up from NDC London 2022 about performance in the .NET Runtime. If you’re like me you watch this sort of stuff with pure fascination. ⏩

There’s a blog post out from Sadukie about Free Azure Services This “free” is not to be confused with a Van parked on your street with the words “Free Candy” spray-painted on the side. 🍬

XUnit v2.4.2 is released Go little rock star. 🌟

So it looks like someone is forking repositories on Github, adding malware, publishing those repositories on NPM, and hoping people download them. In other cases they’re hijacking accounts with commit rights and using those to push malware. Be careful out there folks. πŸ“›

In the “holy shit that’s cool how do I ever get Windows Terminal to be the default”, it looks like you can set WSL2 as your default shell in Windows Terminal. Ok, now can someone make a Winget package that just does all this for me? I’m getting too old to want to spend time customizing my terminal, sorry. πŸ§“

Winget package manager 1.3 is out I’m still salty about the AppGet Debacle though. πŸ“¦

If “Microsoft first” is your rallying cry when developing in .NET, here’s a blog post that tells you the best Microsoft technologies to use in your stack. If “Microsoft first” is not your rallying cry, we should be friends. 🀝

A visual aid to understanding why Queueing theory is a thing with cheeseburgers. If your WIP limit is the same size as your teamsize, you will run into this problem. Try halving it and see if that doesn’t get stuff out of WIP faster. πŸ”

Force HTTPs in your ASP.NET Core applications. I won’t even talk to my wife over HTTP. (If you’re reading this, honey, I love you and this is a joke, please don’t kill me). 🍯

And that’s all I found last week in .NET. If you’ve got something to share, hit me up on twitter @gortok, or via email at george at george stocker dot com all one word lowercase and no I am not using voice to text to do this newsletter

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