[Last Week in .NET #99] – NEIN NEIN Azure

It was a short week due to the US holiday Labor Day (A day in which some people take off to celebrate all people working, while some people work). Let’s get into it.

Microsoft launches 30 days of serverless September to keep you engaged with all the Microsoft Azure has to offer. I didn’t even look at that part of it, but I’m assuming it’s about Azure. *checks*… Yup. I was right. Azure Functions, Azure Container Apps, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid. Quick, without looking it up tell me the difference between a logic app and a container app (No cheating and saying one contains logic and the other does not). All jesting aside, if you’re into serverless,you can be guaranteed you’re getting 30 days of attention on your favorite subject on Microsoft’s Favorite Cloud. 🌨

Does someone ever share something online and you can’t fathom just how important it is but you file it away because you know it’s probably really important? I’m getting that vibe from Jamon’s tweetsheet of how you should work with TypeScript. 🔖

Performance Improvements in .NET 7 This is one of those ‘skim and read what you understand and file the rest away for later’ sort of Blog posts. There is a crazy amount of good information here, meant to be packed in on several readings. Hell, if it wouldnt’ be out of date by the time it was printed, this would be a great book. 💨

AWS asks the question, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if an assistant identified microservice candidates from monolithic code for you? “ to which I say… NO. F%#$ing NO. Humans that do this for a living can’t get it right so what makes you think that machines trained on Humans doing it for a living can’t get it right? AWS at least has the decency to put the access behind an email address, which leads me to believe this may be a “Let’s see if people respond to us saying we’ll build it” sort of play. 😩

Achieve Google like Autocomplete suggestions with the WinUI autocomplete Control (via @alvinashcraft). Someone at Microsoft, somewhere is going to have to write a Bing version of this and is probably a little miffed that no one ever calls it “Bing like Autocomplete”. There’s a reason for that. 😏

And that’s it for what happened Lask Week in .NET.

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