House Or Home?

Is your programming job a house or a home?

If it’s a house, then you probably don’t care about whether the market goes south, or whether the neighborhood kids play baseball in the street. You also probably don’t care as much about the landscaping. As long as you don’t get cited by the Homeowner’s association, you’re ok. It even takes a good return on investment for you to stay in that house.

If it’s a home, then you spend all of your free-time making sure that you’re maintaining your home with new items, ideas, fixtures; and you probably spend your free time reading up on how to improve your landscaping. No amount of money could keep you from leaving your home.  You care if the market goes south, because you don’t want to lose your home.

If your job is a house, then you should be actively looking for a home.

If it’s a home, then congratulations: You’re in the lucky minority.

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