Upgrades and Downgrades

I recently ‘upgraded’ my BlogEngine.NET installation from 1.6 to 2.5.  

That turned out to be a mistake.  You see, there was this annoying bug that plagued 2.5 (when upgrading from 1.6), and it made my blog unclickable from any RSS reader.

Instead of waiting for a bug fix, I had two choices, Reproduce it, fix it myself, and create a patch, or… wipe the slate clean and start over.

I chose the latter, which was not without peril.  After exporting my blog posts to OPML, installing the new version, and re-importing them, I found a nasty ‘bug’.  All of my drafts were imported as actual blog posts. Published blog posts.

Oh crap.

I have about twenty-some odd blog posts lying around in a half-finished state, from fiction, to politics, to posts about The Motley Fool that never saw the light of day. They’re not meant for human consumption just yet.

So with that in mind:

see something, say something.

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