That Conference: Day 0

I’m on the ground here in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells at That Conference. I’ll be spending the next four days conferencin’, learnin’, and waterparkin’.

Getting ready for my flight into Wisconsin, I started doing my research on the area. Lewis Black enlightened me on the ways of Wisconsin (warning: salty language):

Landing into Miluakwee (Algonquin for “the good land”) , we took on brunch at The Packing House (which has a pretty good brunch, if my taste buds have any say in it), and then we drove the 2 hours to the Dells. Upon arrival, we came upon this:

and this:

After a quick excursion to the waterpark, it was registration time (or, as I like to call it: Free Swag!), and did they ever deliver:

From L to R: CODE training $100 gift certificate, Give Camp advert, Conference handbook, two free drinks for the happy hour or pig roast, iPad stand, CODE magazine, Tshirt. Did I mention that the iPad stand was handmade? Our final stop for the night was dinner at Damon’s Grill, where I happened upon the most awesome thing I have ever encountered… Cheese Curds:

These little gems of deliciousness are Cheese curds lightly battered and fried, and served with a tangy ranch dressing.

There are not words to describe how delicious this jewel of the midwest is. If this ever caught on nation wide? We’d all be fat.

Next time: Conference, Day 1: Kickoff, Recap, and the Stanley Cup of Drinking glasses.

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