That Conference: Day 1

That conference started (as any good conference should) with breakfast. Delicious breakfast that contained the four basic food groups: caffeine, bacon, ketchup, and sweets.

That conference kicked off today with Leon Gersing @rubybuddha talking about You. Not you, me. But you too. The royal you. You as a person. You as a developer. But not just you, everyone around you.

His talk centered around the person and how we interact with each other.

I won’t attempt to do try to summarize his talk (more than I’ve already done) but I will share just one quote from his talk:

After the morning keynote, it was session time. With too many sessions and not enough me to go around, I settled on attending Scott Hanselman’s talk: “One ASP.NET”. In it, he detailed Microsoft’s vision for ASP.NET. Again, I won’t try to summarize his talk here, especially since it’s helpfully on his blog.

Lunchtime approached and looked exactly like breakfast time (only this time without the bacon wrapped potatoes and cheese curds, much to my disappointment), and then came the afternoon sessions.

I caught Ryan Niemeyer’s Knockout.JS talk (I’ll link to the video once he posts one), and let me just say that there is some cool stuff that can be done with Knockout. Definitely on my list of things to learn.

SignalR – Jeremiah Billman

Jeremiah Billmann showed the power of SignalR by re-creating Rampage in SignalR. Yes, that Rampage

While impressive (really fracking impressive), he unfortunately couldn’t release the code because Warner Brothers doesn’t take too kindly to such things, so sadly it is left in the aether.  


The Kalahari Resort (as you may already know) sits in Wisconsin.  The same Wisconsin that has (as Lewis Black put it) professional alcoholics.

I thought he was kidding, until I saw the resort selling a glass the size of The Stanley cup:


I haven’t yet been able to get any pictures of these in the wild (and at the $23 asking price for the drink, haven’t been able to get The Motley Fool to agree to let me expense it — for research purposes, of course), but when I do, you’ll be the first to see them.  

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