[Last Week in .NET #61] – We named the dog Patches

🐶Patch Tuesday as Microsoft calls it, or just “Tuesday” for the rest of us, is the day when Microsoft drops their patches. So far, so good. The Exchange team, however, decided to delay their monthly updates from the third Thursday (September 21st) to the fourth thursday (September 28th), because they want to get another patch in to this cumulative update.

This is the equivalent of my wife saying “I have news when I get home, we should talk then”. It’s never the good kind of news, and that ride always takes longer than it usually does.

✨I don’t yell “Get off my lawn”. I don’t. I just chide these kids today for thinking their themes are something special. I grew up in the times of the WinAmp themes. These little piddling color changes mean nothing when you can have a Star Trek LCARs themed Winamp. Give me LCARS Visual Studio and then we can talk.

👋LaBrina Loving will be talking about “Building a Highly Scalable Game with Azure Serverless” On September 29th, 2021. It’s Azure’s Serverless conference, and it’s free. Sign up here.

🌩Azure has had a bad month of cloud vulnerabilities. ChaosDB (where the root keys to the kingdom were exposed, exposing all the customers that used Azure Cosmos DB, Azurescape (cross account container takeover), OMIGOD (Microsoft’s default installed agent running on your OS — that oh by the way they want you to patch, even though they installed it, and Log Analytics roleprivesc (privilege escalation for Azure Log Analytics Contributor role). One of these is not like the others.

🦄 Windows App SDK 1.0 Preview 1 (1.0.0-preview1) is not available. This is that project that seeks to unify the various methods of creating windows applications.

📦.NET 6 will have a package validation tool to make the nuget experience even more decadant.

🎉Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public Preview with .NET 6 support and because this is the new Microsoft, those breaking changes that will inevitably come are hosted on their Github.

🚗Github shipped two security features: The Github Advisory Database supports Rust (they had to tell you about it), and npm access tokens now have an easy-to-identify format. The thread goes into deeper detail about what this means, but in the words of my spirit animal “All Good things, All good things”.

🚿What Color is your Function? Bob Nystrom asks, and this blog goes deep into the problem with async vs sync and why it extends across pretty much every language that uses asynchronous constructs (except JavaScript because they wanted to be different).

Two minutes of 8… new Microsoft products.

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET

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