[Last Week in .NET #62] – Watermelon Sug — HOW HIGH ARE YOU

No releases last week, but there was drama. And because this is the internet, I’m going to share that with you. Let’s get to it.

👋 Chris Dixon had to have gotten the highest of highs before writing this screed on twitter that charitably would be panned as “VC with vested interest in getting people to buy into Web3 says everyone should buy into Web3.” I’m not sure what’s worse: That “web3” is what Web 1.0 was like before Chris and other VCs cashed out on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter, or that if we buy into his vision, in a new world of ‘blockchain’ and ‘NFTs’, we could somehow get back to that web 1.0.

Maybe we could just… I don’t know… go back to Web 1.0? It’s not like Web2.0 hid web1.0 in a basement and tied them up and stuffed a gag in their mouth. We don’t have to ‘find’ web1.0 on a milk carton somewhere. It still… it just works. Right now, today.

If you think I’m full of it and you’ve bought into beanie babies NFTs as the way forward, may I be the first to offer you an NFT of this week’s newsletter for the low, low price of $100,000 ₿2.0372698? I’m not saying it’s going to go up in value, but I’m not saying it won’t either.

β The Jetbrains Rider 2021.3 Early Access Program is open for people who hate the word ‘beta’. You can debug UWP, have support for .NET 6.0 and support for C# 10 features like file-scoped namespaces and global using statements. Global using statements are the devil.

🆕 The Add New File Extension is now available for Visual Studio 2022. I’m sorry, I need a moment. You mean to tell me we haven’t been able to add new files to projects this entire time and I just noticed? Oh, you mean we haven’t been able to add new arbitrary files because a file always has to confirm with Visual Studio’s idea of what a file is. Sort of like how to create a Dockerfile I used to just create a new .cs file and then remove everything from it and rename it to Dockerfile. Funny enough this is not a first party extension, and Mads Kristensen works for Microsoft, so that tells us that Microsoft still can’t fix this seemingly easy-to-fix user experience issue, and instead their own took to an extension to fix this ludicrious state of things.

🌨🌩 Stop adopting multicloud to acheive application resilience, says Honeycomb’s Charity Majors Put down that OKR for a minute and just read this. Your boss probably wants multi-cloud, and you probably don’t. Here are some points you can use in a future conversation with them without using my personal favorite reason, “It’s a dumb idea”.

🎂 October 14, 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of SysInternals tools that I grew up with and maybe you did too. When they first started out I wondered why they weren’t first-party tools, and later Microsoft bought them and turned them into First party tools.

👉👈 LambdaNetCoreSamples repo has an example of how to run .NET 6 Lambda functions in AWS using the Amazon.Lmabda.Runtime Support package So this isn’t an ‘official’ AWS repo, but it’s from Norm, who works for AWS, and it shows off AWS. This feels hinky to me but I realize I’m in the minority here.

🚪 Microsoft Store: More apps, more open. Translation: “Please use our store. Thanks.”

📈 Do you wanna see a performance graph of .NET 5 vs. .NET Framework 4.8? Of course you do. From 20% CPU to 5% CPU. That’s… Really good. Here’s some blog posts where those performance improvements have been talked about.

😡 The Executive Director of the .NET Foundation found herself in hot water for merging her own PR in on a .NET Foundation member project and my take on this is a bit more nuanced than you might think. You joined the .NET Foundation, and gave the .NET Foundation contributor rights, or even the copyright to your project. What did you think was going to happen? That they wouldn’t use those rights? If you give someone your toy, you can’t get mad that they play with your toy. You gave it to them.

I’ve been following topics like this for a while, and have asked for an update on the related topic.

🧦 Khalid Abuhakmeh talks about Compressing Strings with .NET And C# and I have now written the word Brotli completely in context.

📎 I gave Clippy AI and he wanted to die Very “The light inside is broken but I still work” energy from this one.

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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