Sitting on the bench

My second daughter’s U8 hockey team is having their final games today in a jamboree.

She’s sitting on the bench.

Normally I’d ask why of course, but today, we put her there, and today, that’s precisely where the team needs her to be.

Let me back up and explain.

A few weeks ago she fractured her tibia. Since then, she’s been in a boot, unable to play.

Because she’s a part of a team, it’s important for her to show that she is part of the team.

In the moment it seems a bit silly to call a fractured tibia character building, but that’s what it is.

Being a teammate means being with the team, no matter what, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable or like you aren’t part of the team.

Sometimes leaders need to sit on the bench too, just to be with the team.

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