[Last Week in .NET #80] – Time Flies When You’re Shipping Code

Either I’ve been blocked by the .NET team on twitter or there haven’t been releases lately; not sure which one it is, to be honest. Anyway, there were some sundries from last week to share, so let’s get to it.

Windows Dev Docs explains the Windows App SDK. They have a roadmap, and the roadmap indicates this is still very much a ‘work in progress’, especially considering that seemingly must haves like ‘admin support’ and ‘environment variables API’ are on the road map and not already baked in to the product. 🛣

Bootlicking Goody Two Shoes Chooses to Send Data to Micrsoft to Make Windows 10 Better. This is a work of art. 👌💋

Oleg Karasiok publishes a monthly .NET R&D Digest and it has some pretty good stuff in there. 📚

Do You develop Webhooks? Twillio has a blog post on how to Integrate ngrok into ASP.NET Core startup and automatically update your webhook URLs. At times I wonder ‘why isn’t this stuff easier? doesn’t everyone need to do this?’ and other times I’m just grateful to have someone blog about this stuff. 🪝

The F# folks want to start a Dugnad series I’ll put aside the “I told you they were weird” for a moment to plug that it’s pretty awesome to see this grassroots movement keeping F# strong. Also, what the heck does Dugnad mean? 😶

.NET is 20 years old and that means it’s 5 years away from having to move out of Microsoft’s basement into its own place. 🎂

Flutter update: Windows. Flutter is Google’s answer to MAUI, which is Window’s answer to Uno Platform, which is a way to make Cross platform Apps in one codebase for Windows. 🦋

Google wants to muck with samesite again and that has pissed off “Barry don’t make me send you pics of Beans” Dorrans. I don’t pretend to understand the nuance behind the badness here; but I trust Barry enough that if he says it’s bad, it’s bad. 🎈

Reuben Bond explains that DAPR and Orleans are alike, and should be integrated; and even as an outsider I know that doesn’t work in Microsoft’s org chart. They have two apps from the Bing Team that do daily wallpapers for Ballmer’s sake. 👯‍♂️

dotnet-releaser – A Command line toool to cross-compile, package, and publish your .NET Application to NuGet and Github Shouldn’t dotnet publish;dotnet nuget push already do this? I’m confused.🙋‍♂️

Visual Studio 2022 is the first version of Visual Studio to ship with Server GC on David Kean explains. 🗑

There’s a new version of System.CommandLine for you to test – 2.0 Beta 3. It now supports single-file publishing. 🎉

What’s up with TimeZoneInfo on .NET 6(Part 1) Jon Skeet, who makes NodaTime, dives into what .NET 6 broke. This is only appropriate since Jon Skeet sets Time. 🥋

And that’s it for what happened last week in .NET. As always if you have .NET news to share, send it to me @gortok on twitter, or via email at george that’s an at sign for all the bots out there georgestocker.com.

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