[Last Week in .NET #90] – Optimizing Cryware

Let’s see, ref optimizations, stories about migrating to C#, and… cryware. Let’s get into what happened last week in .NET.

The journey of moving from C++/WinRT to C# in the Microsoft Store The Windows Store is written in C#, and there’s a bit of an interesting story behind the move from C++ and WinRT to C#. The fact that it uses C# is probably the most popular thing about the Windows Store. πŸ”

Satya Nadella announces a plan to increase employee pay through merit increases and stock grants, starting September 1st Microsoft wants to pay its employees more so it doesn’t lose them. Good. Now the stock grants at the moment aren’t worth as much as they otherwise might be (but that perception may be affected by the recency bias), but every little bit helps. πŸ’Έ

Miguel de Icaza tweets a bit of color when referring to a blog post about Flutter, and it’s rather good:

Flutter early on paid a heavy price to render every widget, which both React, Forms/Maui avoided; but in the long term this paid off very nicely.

For a large class of apps, consistency across platforms and ease of development is more important than native controls πŸš„

@JaredPar (Jared Parsons, member of the Roslyn compiler team) explains why utf8 string literals require the u8 postfix. I’m grateful this work is being done in the open, I just wish there was a better way annotate that it was UTF-8. A postfix (suffix) keyword seems… un-C#-ish. πŸͺ•

Microsoft has dubbed software that thieves use to target cryptocurrency wallets as cryware and this is the best thing I’ve read all day. 😭

@ThreddyRex shares job openings in a thread about his team at Microsoft, and the thread itself is also worth a read. 🧡

All-In-One Search is Getting Slicker Visual Studio is getting closer to reaching parity with ReSharper with its latest updates. You can use this new search with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 17.2. πŸ›’

More Jobs open at Microsoft, this time a “Cloud Advocate” position for people with AI, ML, and Data Science backgrounds 🌬

More code samples for #WinUI in the #WindowsStore on #Github are available I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they’re overdoing the hashtags for ‘engagement’ on the @WindowsDocs twitter account. #ffs #️⃣

Visual Studio 2022 also supports an IEnumerable Visualizer which is pretty amazing. πŸ‘“

Microsoft wants your feedback on .NET release labels. Presently, they want to get rid of the Current label. πŸ—£

Marc Gravell blogs about optimizing ref foreach and ref returns I learn a lot whenever I read Marc’s work and I’m glad to share it with you. 🎁

Microsoft Build is tomorrow, register now! 🏒

Azure SDK Release for May 2022 is out There’s a lot here. πŸ“

Khalid Abuhakmeh shares tips about setting the right SDK for .NET Important safety tip, Thanks Khalid. 🦺

Accessing AWS Secrets Manager from .NET Lambda Functions, Part 2 – Using Async Code Good stuff from Bryan Hogan. πŸ₯©

Azure Data Studio releases a hotfix to their May 2022 release… Get it while it’s hot? β˜•

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET.

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