[Last Week in .NET #103] – .NET OS/12 Warp Speed

Yes, this is a day late. Luckily it’s free? (in all seriousness I beg your indulgence as our bathroom remodel is coming to its frenetic end).

TypeScript 4.9 beta is out. Yes it has new keywords and yes it has breaking changes. Those two things are pretty reliable in TypeScript land. I think the JavaScript disruption for disruption’s sake is a contagious virus. Of course, love is a virus, so maybe that’s not a bad thing? 🦟

[Microsoft Commerce’s .NET 6 Migration Journey](https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/microsoft-commerce-dotnet-6-journey/) This is a wonderful in-depth look at the Microsoft’s move from .NET Framework to ultimately .NET 6. The TL;DR? Faster, less expensive (in terms of CPU,Threads,Memory) and, yea. Linux comes out on top. One paragraph that bears repeating is on the “Windows Assumptions” their teams held previously:

As we moved services to .NET Core and then into Linux, we quickly found it important to remind teams that .NET Core and beyond does not mean that everything will “Work in Linux” out of the box. “Windows Assumptions” in your code can sneak in – or in your build, tooling, monitoring, troubleshooting, or other processes.

What are “Windows Assumptions”? These can be as simple as assumptions around folder slash direction (if not using Path.Combine), more complex such as relying on COM components, or even using an API which is only available on Windows. It also might be build process limitations, or tools that you use with your service that aren’t available. In all cases work is needed to identify these and replace these with platform-agnostic code where available. Testing your service end to end on multiple platforms early is key!🥇

A video of an engineering team hearing the outlandish promises sales is making to customers for the first time. It’s funny because it’s true, and if you haven’t ever been in this situation as a developer, I envy you. 🌠

Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7 Look. I get it. JavaScript is cool. You want to be cool and say you use JavaScript too but in reality it’s just .NET with JavaScript imports. I beg you to reconsider. Remember UpdatePanels? This is like that, only less cool. (h/t to @ddskier). 🥵

A little bit of history in how “Protect Mode” got into Windows And ultimately why I’m not typing this from Microsoft’s OS/12 Warp Corporate Edition. 📔

Windows Fonts are what the Chrome is Made of and I couldn’t have been more confusing about that title if I tried; but read it, and I promise you’ll be rewarded. 🏆

And that’s it for what I found last week in .NET. If you find anything interesting, send it my way @gortok on twitter, or via email at george at georgestocker.com

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