[Last Week in .NET #104] – Roast Beef CVEs

Roasts, Beefs, and CVEs. Let’s get into it.

Microsoft discontinued its iOS keyboard SwiftKey I would trade you a Microsoft Outlook and 4 Microsoft Teams for Swiftkey coming back. Microsoft needs a product arm of the company that isn’t affected by the whole 1990s-era synergy play that infects every action they take. Every time someone claims that Microsoft is a product company, in between fits of laughter I just want to point at things like this. To be fair, Microsoft is a product company, inasfar as it sells things that CIOs want. The only reason the games division at Microsoft is largely unaffected by this is that they haven’t figured out how to get the games folks in their synergy plays. 🎹

Preview channel release notes for the Windows App SDK (Version 1.2 Preview 2 (1.2.0-preview2) is available) I go back and forth between letting the subject write the title and choosing my own, and because I need something to smile at, I let the subject write the headline. The big news here is that Microsoft is dumping VS 2019 faster than they dumped customers feedback. It’s 2022 and if you aren’t on VS 2022, you’re screwed. πŸ”©

For Delightful Code Reviews, say Nice Things Who’s a good code review? who is it? I would say to say “kind” things, not “nice” things, but I’ve never been accused of being nice. 🐢

What we can learn from the sad tale of Java.util.date A little bit of programmer wisdom and schadenfreude all rolled into a single blog post. 🎻

A list of phrases you may not utter in New Zealand’s parliment take notes, there are some good ones here. Like “energy of a tired snail returning home from a funeral”. πŸ’€

What the Hacker News Crowd wants Stack Overflow’s Architecture to look like vs what it actually looks like I am glad they called out the problems with having an in-process Job scheduler. And this may look different if you have lots of data-ingestion sources; but they don’t, and overall, it’s a picture of sanity. 🧱

Rachel Appel’s Annotated .NET Monthly for October is out It includes some sponsored content by Jetbrains (The company Rachel works for) which is to be expected. Still a good read. πŸ“š

Hundreds of Microsoft SQL Server Systems backdoored with new malware It’s called maggie and it uses the extended stored procedure DLLs to do its magic. Of course you wouldn’t have this enabled, because your IT organization is forward thinking and doesn’t leave open decades old technology, right? right? ☎️

The NSA, CISA, and the FBI have published a joint advisory on Thursday with a list of the top 20 vulnerabilities exploited by Chinese state-sponsored threat groups. Not to be left out, Microsoft owns 4 of the top 19 spots, with Exchange making up all of the Microsoft CVEs. Please don’t run Exchange on-premise at this point. Embrace Azure, embrace blaming Azure. 🌨

Making laminated puff pastry is an example of chaotic behavior in dynamic system I am here for chaotic good croissants. (h/t to Deb Chachra on Twitter) πŸ₯

A once hopeful soul shares his thoughts on System.Text.Json vs Newtonsoft.Json You know me, and you know if I have beefs, I’m going to share them. This is a beef. Microsoft knew they wanted to have built in Json support. They had a library that ostensibly had the widest support for anything .NET, ever. We’re talking a library being used in the PS4, and they didn’t port it over as is. Not the API, not buying out the library, nothing. “Oh well we have different design constriants” horseshit. No you don’t, you have a problem with taking the timee to implement an API being used everywhere. this is as close to defacto standard as we get, and you have NIH syndrome. If you wanted to make it the standard, you could have. But you chose not to. Even if the internals were different, the public API is what gets people from point A to point B, and I haven’t yet seen a good example of why Newtonsoft.Json’s Public API couldn’t have been used. πŸ„

Helix: A neovim inspired editor, written in Rust Because if someone’s using Rust they’re gonna tell you about it. 🀘

And that’s it for what happened Last Week in .NET. Reach out to me @gortok if you have something cool to share.

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